Last week, I posted about the new purse that DangerBear helped me pick out.  I usually pick out purses with lots of little pockets, but this one had just a few large pockets.

I knew the secret to keeping everything organized was to have smaller bags inside my purse.  First, of course, is my wallet.  For Valentine's Day, DangerBear bought me this adorable red organizer/wallet:

It has zippered pockets for coins and stuff, plus lots of card slots, pen loops, and a place for my checkbook.  It's so pretty and cute!  Plus, it has this:

A handy-dandy solar calculator that slides out.  There's a mirror on the other side.  I can't tell you how much I adore this wallet, and the calculator was the clincher.  I can't tell you how many times I've been in the grocery store and couldn't find my calculator because it was buried under everything else in my purse!

So the wallet holds my cash and cards, checkbook, pen, etc.

I also have a couple of little bags.  These were bags I already had.  This one, for example, used to be filled with lotions and things:

Now it holds lens cleaner for my glasses, a compact mirror, nail file, hair ties, chapstick, etc.

In this last picture, the bag on the bottom holds wet wipes for washing up when we're on the go.  The case above it is a tiny first aid kit.  I've managed to fit a tube of Neosporin, a few Band-Aids, and a couple of alcohol wipes.  This little baby scored me a few Wonder Mom points with the parents at Chickpea's pre-k last year.  On the way into class, she fell and skinned her knee.  I whipped out my little case and had it all cleaned up and bandaged in a jiffy.

Actually, if I ever come across those little cases again, I'm going to buy a second one.  It has a magnet on the back, so it would make a great little first aid kit to stick on the refrigerator.

I also have a little plastic case that I'm using to hold sewing stuff, but right now it only has a pair of sewing scissors and a plastic yarn needle in it.

So that's my Works for Me Wednesday: No more fishing through my bag for tweezers or a Band-Aid or whatever, because everything is organized!

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17 Responses
  1. I change out purses so much it's always getting cleaned out..great post!

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks for visiting!

    I usually only use one purse until it wears out. On the rare occasion when I switch purses for a day, I ALWAYS forget something. Usually something important. That was before I started using the little bags, though. =)

  3. brudcrew Says:

    I have alittle bag in mine for mini colored pencils,notepad, and a small toy or two for unexpected waits. I also try to have my hand sanitizer in a bag (had one leak, what a mess)Thanks for the idea of reusing those stronger zipper bags. Ziploc bags get shredded in my purse.

  4. This is an awesome WFMW!! I was reading this smiling because everything is so me!! I love the wallet, and especially the calculator. So fun! Those little baggies are great, and I especially like the little container where you can put some first aid supplies in. Where did you get the Neosporin case? Do you remember? GREAT POST!!

  5. Roan Says:

    I love your organized purse. I am looking for a new purse right now. I want 2 pockets on the outside for water bottles for my youngest children. I also want a pocket on the outside for my keys....another outside pocket to hold my water bottle would be nice too. I also store things in bags inside my purse, but I am currently using zip lock bags, and they just wear out! I am looking for sturdier, clear bags of various sizes to hold first aid, receipts, etc.
    great post!

  6. mub Says:

    I need to keep a first aid kit in my purse, thanks for the idea!

  7. Buffie Says:

    Great idea. Instead of plastic bags I use cheap makeup bags to hold my stuff. You can pick them up for a dollar and so far they're holding up well.

  8. Kate Says:

    Thank you, everyone, for visiting!

    Keeping little toys and things in my purse is a great idea; I'll have to do that. I got the Neosporin case at Wal-Mart a year or so ago (and I should have gotten two of them!). I do wish the purse had a pocket on the outside for my keys, but I might make something that snaps on to one of the purse handles for that.

  9. Jerralea Says:

    I love purse organization, and I do have bags for certain things. I'm working on an idea for holding all those receipts we get ... now that stores run your check through and then hand it right back, I have even more paper in the purse!

  10. oh what a great idea! :D I've done this with the important papers I keep in my purse that are always being taken out of my wallet. lol. Like insurance cards, coupons, gift cards, etc. Maybe I should try this. . . hmmm. . . Thanks for the idea. :D

  11. Kate Says:

    Yes, a place for receipts and papers is a really good idea. That's usually how my purse gets messy: I just shove receipts in.

  12. itsahumanzoo Says:

    You are very organized! I don't even have a purse right now. I just throw my wallet, camera, and phone in our gigantic diaper bag. Thanks for the post!

  13. Kate Says:

    LOL I am so NOT organized. My purse may look good, but if only you could see the rest of my house... Okay, actually, I'm glad you can't see it. =) Organization is something I'm still working on!

  14. You have discovered my little purse organizing secret! Baggies (aka packets) are the greatest! Wanna see inside my purse? Check out my blogpost from last week! http://organizewithjulie.blogspot.com/2009/03/its-all-in-bag.html

  15. Jenny Says:

    ran across your blog while i was surfin' around some others. and you have some great content here. there's lots to check out and i'm really enjoying my stay. i'd like to invite you for a pop on over to my blog if you'd like. i'd love to have you. :) i've subscribed to your feed so i'll be coming back for sure.

  16. Kate Says:

    Thanks, Jenny!

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