So it's a new month, which means it's time for new goals!  I can't believe it's already February; January seemed to fly by.  I did pretty well on my goals last month, too.

My reading goal was to finish two books: "Parenting Isn't for Cowards" and "The New Dare to Discipline," both by James Dobson.  I finished both books and just have to type up the rest of my notes.

My craft project was to improve my crochet skills.  An amorphous goal, to be sure, but I accomplished it.  I would probably consider myself an advanced beginner now.

My Bible study project was the only one I didn't meet, even though it was probably the most important.  I had wanted to study the second half of Romans.  (I had done the first half last year.)  Unfortunately, I didn't do ANY of it.  =(

My "other" project goal was to begin preparing for the Festival of Breads, which involves developing original bread recipes.  Contest entries are due February 15, so I wanted to make significant headway.  I would say I'm more than halfway done preparing, so I'm really happy about that.

My Goals for February
Bible Study Goal: Romans

Craft Goal: Learn to Knit

"Other" Projects:
  • Finish Preparing Recipes for Festival of Breads
  • Think of Something Nice for DangerBear for Valentine's Day =D
  • Catch Up on Household Filing (After February 15)
  • Start Tracking Our Finances and Reducing Our Expenses
Reading Goals:
  • "The Five Love Languages of Children"
  • "The Hurried Child"
  • "To Train Up a Child"
Can you tell I'm on a parenting book kick right now?

I also want to continue getting my act together in terms of time management.  There are a LOT of things I need/want to be doing with my days and I can't afford to be lazy.  (Unfortunately, I tend to be... um...  lazy.)

I've already picked up the knitting needles and am slowly getting the hang of casting on and the knit stitch.  Once I finish typing my book notes, I'll pull out my reading goal books and get started.  And for Heaven's sake, I need to do my Bible studying!

Edited to Add: "The Happy Housewife" has a Mr. Linky meme here all about 2009 goals!

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  1. Great list of goals! You should join our monthly 2009 goals post! I just finished our household filing in Jan, it was a big job!
    If you want to participate in the monthly goals here is the link.

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks for letting me know about that! I'd love to participate. =)

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