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How appropriate that today is Tackle it Tuesday.  DangerBear has an out-of-town meeting and will be working very late, so I'm using today to catch up on some things.  I'm keeping it real here, so these pictures make me blush at how much tackling I have to do today.

First, my homeschool planning needs help.  A lot of help.  Because I'm homeschooling Chickpea part time (she attends a three-day-per-week kindergarden), I was trying to plan a week's lessons without assigning specific days to each one.  Things are pretty vague, and not much is getting done.  Plus, because I don't have a planning binder set up, there are papers all over the place.  Today I'll be setting up a new planner and portfolio and writing out goals for the next six weeks.

I also need to go through all of the papers on my desk.  I know there are bills on there, notes I've written to myself, homeschool stuff, you name it.  Here is the "before" picture of my desk:

Another thing I need to do today is catch up on the laundry.  I have a schedule to do one load each day, but I didn't follow it last week and here is what it looks like:

Since I've already posted two embarrassing pictures, I might as well show you my kitchen, which I can assure you will be clean by lunchtime:

Oh, and I want to keep working on my recipes for the Festival of Breads.  Entries are due on February 15, so I need to start wrapping it up.

(You can see the "after" photos here!)

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6 Responses

  1. YOu can do it! Guess I should go get all my stuff done!

  2. Prairie Girl Says:

    Oh that laundry pile looks strikingly familiar. Good luck with your tackling :) It will feel so good to get it done!

  3. Jacqueline Says:

    I am so glad I'm not the only one who gets in a muddle!

    Where did you find the laundry organizer.That is wonderful!

    Great job on the clean-up!!

    Now it's my turn to do so!


  4. Kate Says:

    I think we got the laundry organizer at Target. I love it because the baskets are removable and the whole thing is on wheels.

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