So the other day I talked about tackling laundry, the kitchen, and the papers taking over my desk.  Here are the promised "after" pictures:

My Shiny, Sunny Kitchen

The Surface of My Desk Does, In Fact, Exist

Mostly-Empty Laundry Baskets

Empty hampers and clear surfaces make me happy.  Unfortunately, they don't tend to stay that way for long.  I guess I can understand where the dirty clothes and dishes are coming from, but what's going on with the papers?  Are they reproducing when I'm not looking?  All I know is, I think I have it under control, then I turn around and they attack!

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6 Responses
  1. S. Belle Says:

    Congrats to you for tackling your cleaning projects. I'm working little by little on decluttering my desk, too. There are so many papers on it. It's so sad. :(

  2. Kate Says:

    That's the way to go: little by little! Isn't it amazing how much paper accumulates?

  3. Joy Says:

    I just found your blog and wow I really like your laundry room where did you find those neat dividers for your laundry?

  4. Kate Says:

    Joy, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to respond! The comment kind of got lost in my inbox. Anyway, I think we got them at Target. The frame isn't the sturdiest thing, but I love that I can take out the individual bags. I keep it in the master bedroom and just take whatever basket I need down to the laundry room.

    The little hamper used to be Chickpea's when she was a baby. Now I use it to hold items that need to be hand washed or Dryel-ed. =)

  5. OH~I have had a few days like this myself. Four children later and 18 years of homeschooling~now I think I can tackle the world! Keep up the good work!
    Phil 4:13

  6. Kate Says:

    LOL You're my hero! I only have one child and I often feel like my life is one step away from spinning out of control. I think God prepares us for the challenges He's going to give us, but sometimes I'm a little afraid to be tested... =)

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