I'm so happy today!  My house hadn't been properly straightened up since mid-December.  The other day I finally put away the Christmas decorations (on January 31, so I can say I didn't leave them up until February).  Today I straightened everything up, sorted all the papers, and vacuumed.  It looks so nice, and my living room looks so much bigger!

The only rooms left are the bedrooms, and they're only messy because the laundry baskets sneezed and there are dirty clothes all over the place.  I'll remedy that tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to Spring, when I plan to have a big garage sale.  We have entirely too much stuff, and getting rid of the clutter will make it so much easier to keep the house clean.  I'm thinking of doing a "free will" garage sale, at which people pay whatever they think the item is worth.  People are nice around here, so I think that would work well.  Plus, I wouldn't have to take the time to price everything.

I think I'll go downstairs and sit in my squeaky clean kitchen with a nice cup of coffee and a book!

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