I'm grateful that there is a medical clinic in our small town.  There are no doctors there, just nurse practitioners, but it's run by a very good hospital about twenty minutes away.

On Saturday Chickpea started running a fever and by Sunday night she was miserable.  For nearly three days, she had a temperature of 103 degrees.  Tylenol made her feel better, but I called the clinic yesterday morning.  They were able to get her in that afternoon.

Of course, it's a little weird getting a check-up in a very small town.  We know almost everyone there from church.  I hope I never have any embarrassing health issues...  :/

She's feeling a good deal better today (even without Tylenol) but I'm not sending her to school.

So I'm thankful for the clinic, and I'm thankful that Chickpea is feeling better!

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  1. Visiting from GratiTuesday ... I too am thankful for nurse practitioners. I've had to use one a couple times recently, and I've found that they are much more willing to listen and interact with me that doctors usually are. Glad your little one is feeling better!

  2. Kate Says:

    Thank you!

    The ladies at our clinic are very nice and willing to listen and answer all my questions, and they can prescribe medications, so we haven't had much need to see a doctor, except for specialists.

  3. JessieLeigh Says:

    Glad your little one is doing much better!

    We have two nurse practitioners at our ped's office along with the doctors and we often seeing them in the event of sickness. They are so very helpful and I am so grateful that we have that option rather than having to wait forever to get in with the doctor.

  4. Kate Says:


    That's definitely true, that having the nurses available allows us to get an appointment sooner. I'm definitely grateful that I didn't have to wait to see someone.

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