Perhaps on this lovely coaster!

Yes, I know it's a little messed up, but I'm very proud of myself.  After binding off, I ran to show DangerBear how beautiful it was.  He humored me.

I'm getting better at keeping an even gauge, and I'm learning both styles of knitting: Continental (or picking) and English (or throwing).  Right now I feel more comfortable with throwing, because that's how my book taught me and how I've been doing it the last few days.  However, I read that picking can be easier for lefties so I started learning that method yesterday.  In any case, learning both styles will come in handy when I do color work.

I have two learn-to-knit books: one aimed at teaching "tweens" and a little kit I had bought at a bookstore years ago.  The instructions in the kit are lousy, and the other book has good instructions, but it doesn't mention any of the different ways to cast on, picking vs. throwing, etc.  It was a great start, but I've also starting looking at the tutorials on Knit Picks.  I'm going to keep practicing the knit stitch until my coasters look pretty, and then I'll learn to purl.

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