My first Thankful Thursday is probably an odd one, but it's true.  I am thankful for the IRS help line.

As I've mentioned, I help DangerBear with his start-up business.  I am the office manager, which in my case includes human resources, accounting, and Tax Stuff.

I am not at all trained in the above areas, so there is a steep learning curve.  Add to that the fact that I tend to have a mental block about financial sorts of things.  I sent away for lots of free publications from the IRS all about taxes, but sometimes you just have to talk to someone.

The IRS help line is staffed by polite, patient people who kindly answer all of my tax questions without making me feel stupid.  I was very surprised, until I realized that these are not the people who do audits.  =)

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3 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    Thanks for sharing, be sweetly blessed.

  2. Bonnie Says:

    Ok.. that one made me laugh. As someone who spends her life day in & day out on these administrative duties, I've spent a bit of time with the IRS. They are amazing people - but I can tell you a time when they weren't so kind! I can't recall which President did it but I am oh so grateful to him for pushing friendliness and consideration in government employees. They've become a great resource. (and the folks who do audits are nice, too...they just hide it better. :) )

  3. Kate Says:

    "they just hide it better." LOL =D

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