Vacuuming with a bag that isn't totally full really Works for Me. I realized how well it Works for Me when I neglected to change my vacuum bag for a Very Long Time. So long, in fact, that the vacuum started turning itself off when I tried to use it. So long that when I finally did empty the bag, I had to do it outside, because it was FULL. As in, dust backing up out of the bag and into the hose. Yeah.

Not to mention it was doing a terrible job cleaning my carpets. Vacuuming is so much more pleasant when your vacuum actually works. While you're changing the bag, you might also want to take a look at the beater bar. Chickpea and I both have very long hair, and an amazing amount of it ends up wound around the bar. Attack it with scissors, a seam ripper, or whatever sharp implement you have handy so you can avoid burning out the motor. (I've almost done that several times.)

You may now shake your heads in disdain. I can only hope my mother-in-law doesn't know I have a blog.

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4 Responses
  1. Julie/mom Says:

    Yes, changing the bag can make all the difference! I also LOVE your blog layout - one of the best for separating the "blog" with the other stuff. Good job!

  2. Dutchnic Says:

    Another vacuum tip (especially handy if you own a dog). If the bag isn't full yet, but doesn't smell good, it helps to vacuum up some laundry detergent powder. Makes it smell a lot better!

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks, Julie!

    Dutchnic, that's a neat idea. I've also read of sucking up some baking soda.

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