I tend to procrastinate doing my 15 minutes of daily cleaning, and the other night was no exception.  It was late, DangerBear had gone to bed early, and I was tempted to skip the cleaning and go to bed.

Then I realized that decluttering or organizing would definitely count!  I set my timer and promptly starting organizing my pantry cabinet.  Here's what it looked like before:

Eek!  Open packages of food, stuff shoved in everywhere...  I had no idea what was in there.  Now, here's what it looked like after my timer started beeping:

Oh, it makes me so happy!  Every time I pass by, I feel compelled to open the cabinet door and gaze upon the organized neatness.  Ahhh.

Isn't it nifty what you can accomplish in fifteen minutes?  Try it!  Set a timer and do something, anything!  Vacuum a room, sweep the floor, declutter a drawer...  I guarantee you'll be glad you did.  =)

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5 Responses
  1. Denise Says:

    I envy you. Actually I envied you with the before shots. My cabinets are about 10xs worse than that. Wah.

    OK tomorrow, I'm going to try again to clean them up. You've inspired me.

  2. Kate Says:

    LOL I swear it looked worse in real life! I'd love to see your before and after pics; it's so motivating to see those kinds of transformations. =)

  3. chili pepper Says:

    I thought I was the only one who opens freshly organized drawers, closets and cupboards for the sheer joy of seeing how nice they look. Glad I'm not as much of a nut as I thought I was. I need to try your tip. I love organizing and having things organized is very important to my sanity. I get so caught up in it that I find I've lost an hour or half a day in a closet or bureau. (yes this is an inherited sickness -smile- my sister is the same way) the timer would help limit my time while getting my little daily fix!

  4. Kate Says:

    Oh, yes, there's nothing like a newly-organized closet or cabinet, is there? Next up: my spice cabinet and my baking drawer. They're both a wreck.

  5. Nena Says:

    YAY! That looks great! Want to come do mine next?!? :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog!!



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