Welcome to the very first edition of a new blog carnival: Philippians 3:14 Friday!  You can see more info and find out how to participate here.  I do hope you'll post about your goals on your own blogs, and then sign the Mr. Linky.  =)

This Friday is April 3, so let's share our goals for the month of April.  If you set goals for yourself for March, share how you did!

My March Goals: Results

Reading: I finished all three of my books, including typing up my notes, and started reading a few others.

Craft: I finished my heart swatch.  I really enjoyed knitting it!

  • Papers- A big project for me was trying to organize the papers that were constantly threatening to bury me.  Amazingly, I've made a ton of progress.  The top of my desk used to be covered in papers, and I never knew what important items were mixed in with the junk.  Now, I have a simple file folder system to handle papers, and a system to keep track of tasks.  I'll share photos and talk more about these things in upcoming posts.
  • Garden Planning- Chickpea wants to plant a garden (excuse me, I mean a small-scale farm), and I knew absolutely nothing about gardening.  My goal was to read a few library books, take notes, and figure out what we had to do and what tools/supplies we needed.  I got it done.  That was the easy part.  Next we get to dig up a portion of the lawn.

Daily Goals:
  • Vitamin/Water- Took my vitamin every day, and only missed one day of drinking three glasses of water.  Drinking soda definitely makes it harder for me to meet that goal.
  • Straighten Up/Kitchen- I straightened up the house every day this month, and I only missed the kitchen twice.  Both times, though, the only thing I didn't do was unload the dishwasher.  There used to be times when I'd go to bed without cleaning up dinner at all, so this is a HUGE improvement!
  • Bible- My initial goal was to listen to an audio Bible while driving Chickpea to/from school, but there were several days she didn't have school.  She was off a week for spring break, she was sick for a few days, etc.  I ended up just reading my KJV, which I really enjoyed.  I started at Matthew and I'm about halfway through Luke.
  • Laundry- I did a good job sticking to my laundry schedule (clothes on Mondays, linens on Wednesdays).  I did miss it last Monday, because I wasn't feeling well, but I got most of it done.

My Goals for April

  • Organize my scrapbooking stuff (ie ephemera, digital photos) so I can start scrapbooking on the computer.
  • Continue organizing papers/information
  • Garden!
  • Switch the seasonal clothing
  • Create a "dinner binder" with all my dinner recipes, ideas for side dishes, etc.
  • Continue with my laundry schedule (Mondays and Wednesdays).
  • Plan my meals weekly.
  • Straighten up and clean the kitchen before bed.
  • Spend fifteen minutes cleaning each weekday.  (Finally, my bathroom will be clean!)
  • Do some dinner prep before lunch, and cook dinner each night (instead of going out to eat!).
Daily Goals:
  • Read the Bible daily.  I want to finish the New Testament by the end of the month.
  • Play outside with Chickpea for half an hour on non-school days.
  • Chickpea's Choice: Each afternoon, Chickpea can choose something fun for us to do together, whether it's a craft, game, or book.
  • Set up one playdate for Chickpea each week.  I'm not a very social person, so this has always been difficult for me.
  • Continue taking my vitamin and drinking three glasses of water.
  • Have breakfast.  And no, cookies don't count.
Yikes, that's a lot of goals.  Fortunately, many of them are very small goals.  For example, it takes me five seconds to take my vitamin.  Hopefully, these will slowly become habits, and I'll eventually be able to take them off my list because I'll do them automatically.

So what are your goals?  Post about them on your blog, and sign up below.  I hope you'll also visit other participants' posts and leave encouraging comments.  =)  If you have trouble with the Mr. Linky, please let me know, as I've never done this before!  You can leave a comment or email me.

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11 Responses
  1. Jessica Says:

    Yay for goals! I love it!

  2. Kate Says:

    Oh, I'm so happy!! I was afraid no one would participate. Thanks for being the very first! =D

  3. Ashley Says:

    This is a wonderful idea!!! I have a few other goal things going right now, but I love this whole idea!!!


  4. Kelly Says:

    Thanks for doing the carnival! I'm so excited about the accountability! I hope you don't mind that I kind of followed your layout of daily goals, reading, etc. I love how you organized them! :)

    Have a great day!

  5. Kate Says:

    I don't mind at all, Kelly! I'm so glad you joined. =)

  6. momof3girls Says:

    cookies don't count for breakfast - your hard! love your site

  7. Kate Says:

    LOL Thanks. I wonder if, by halfway through the month, I'll be convincing myself that "breakfast cookies" count. =)

  8. I'm running behind because I've been traveling all day, but I'll get my post up as soon as I can!

  9. Kate Says:

    Awesome, Charlene! You'll increase the number of participants by 50% LOL! =)

  10. Charlene Says:

    Ok, I did it, finally, I got my post up! Whew. Maybe I need to add to my goals--try to overcome perfectionist trait of thinking everything has to be "just so" before I can get something done!

  11. Kate Says:

    Great! I can totally relate to the perfectionist thinking. Sometimes I make things really difficult for myself just because things have to be just right.

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