Welcome to the third edition of Philippians 3:14 Friday!  I've been really excited to see others posting their goals, and everybody commenting on others' posts.  If you're interested in joining us, you can find out how here.

My April Goals: How I'm Doing

First, the daily/weekly goals:
  • Bible Reading- I've missed two days so far this month, and am partway through Acts.
  • Play Outside/Fun Activity with Chickpea- Missed it twice this month, but I'm now getting into the habit of taking her to the park most days; I'm really happy about that!
  • Set Up a Playdate Once a Week- Check!  She's had two playdates in the last two weeks.  Woohoo!
  • Take Vitamin and Drink 3 Glasses of Water- Haven't missed any days.  =)
  • Eat Breakfast- Only missed it once.  I've started getting into the habit of having a small bowl of cereal with Chickpea in the morning.
Homemaking goals:
  • Follow Monday/Wednesday Laundry Schedule- I only missed this past Monday.  I totally forgot it was laundry day until late afternoon, and I just couldn't get it done.  That's okay, though, because I caught up on Wednesday.
  • Weekly Meal Plan- Really having fun with this one!  I've been typing up my meal plans in a pretty script font and posting them on the frig.
  • Straighten Up & Clean Kitchen Before Bed- I've missed straightening up twice and cleaning the kitchen three times this month.  Not a big deal, though, I'm back on track now!
  • 15 Minutes Cleaning Each Weekday- I've been having a really hard time with this one, though I thought it would be pretty easy.  It's just something I tend to procrastinate.  I've missed it five times so far this month.
  • Prep Dinner Early in the Day- Having a hard time with this one, too, but mostly because DangerBear has asked me to spend more time at his business, so I'm trying to manage my time.  I've missed it seven times this month.  =(
  • Cook Dinner- Doing better with this than I thought I would.  I'm actually starting to enjoy cooking!  I've missed it four times out of 16, although two of them were DangerBear's choice.  I had dinner planned but he wanted to go out instead.  Making a well-rounded dinner 75% of the time is a HUGE improvement for me!
  • Organizing Papers/Information- I've been going through the magazines that have been accumulating, and I've started using a wall calendar to keep track of events.  This seems to work well for me because it's right in my face.  =)
  • Garden- Ugh.  We're about 1/4 of the way through digging up the grass.  It's a real pain in the neck.
  • Seasonal Clothing- Not done yet, as we're still having cool weather here.
  • Dinner Binder- Working on it, and I'm very excited!  I have the binder and dividers, and I'm typing up my entree recipes.  This will make cooking dinner so much easier because everything will be in one place.  When I finish it, I'll be sure to post photos!
  • Organize Scrapbooking Stuff- Um, haven't touched this one yet.
  • Reading- Just finished "Totally Organized."  I'm part of the way through "Taming the Paper Tiger at Home" and "How to Pray."
I feel like I've been slipping a little bit, although it's not as bad as I thought.  I've started working with DangerBear about 15 hours per week instead of 5, so it's a big adjustment.  Still, I'm definitely improving!  I really need to work on getting things done earlier in the day, instead of saving it all for the evening.

So what about you?  How are you doing with your goals?
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7 Responses
  1. Kelly Says:

    I completely understand about slacking this week. You've been doing pretty well though! Especially with having to work extra hours with your hubby. I know it's challenging to keep up with the house and everything when you're working.

    Hope you have an awesome Friday! Thanks for hosting this! I'm really enjoying the accountability as well as getting to know people better!

  2. Looks like you are doing a great job, especially considering the increased work with the business. I'm looking forward to seeing your dinner binder!

  3. Kate Says:

    Thanks! Kelly, I'm glad you're enjoying participating in this. I'm hoping it continues to grow. =)

  4. Sarah Says:

    I really wish I could join you in this. I have dreadful stamina. . . I can't seem to stay on top of anything. I just wanted to let you know that I read these, and am supporting/participating in that way. :)

  5. Kate Says:

    Sarah~ No worries! If you did want to participate in the Mr. Linky part, you could even just set one small goal for yourself. =) (Confession: Sometimes I set a goal for myself that I know will be really easy, just so I can say I accomplished it!) =)

  6. Charlene Says:

    I've finally got my post up--a date late, but it's there--kind of like my week, I have done NOTHING on my list, but it was a good week, anyway!

  7. Kate Says:

    Yay! So glad you joined; better late than never!

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