I don't like having lots of little gadgets and appliances in the kitchen, although I love looking at them in Williams Sonoma.  I prefer to have items that I can use for more than one purpose.  Here's one example:

My Gravy Separator

(Yes I know the picture is sideways.  I've never had a problem with this, but Blogger was driving me nuts.  I have groceries to put away, so it's staying sideways.)

I bought it one year at Thanksgiving to, well, separate gravy.  For a while that was its only purpose, until I realized that I could use the mesh strainer on its own.

Now I use it for other things as well, such as...
  • serving the gravy, so I don't need a gravy boat
  • mise en place (holding water or other liquid so it's ready while I'm cooking)
  • sifting powdered sugar (it sifts right into the container so I can measure as I go)
  • dusting my work surface with flour
  • dusting baked goods (like cake or french toast) with powdered sugar
  • straining small amounts of jam or preserves
All that from one little tool!  That definitely Works for Me!

How do you get the most from your kitchen gadgets?

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12 Responses
  1. April Says:

    my ice cream scoop fills muffin tins with the right amount of cake or muffin batter.

  2. Holly Says:

    I have a cute little egg-salad masher that is fantastic, and can be used for avocados for guacamole, bananas for muffins, etc. I blogged about it a while ago http://www.homebodyholly.com/2008/11/chicky-poo-and-banana-muffins.html

  3. Kirsty Says:

    Oooh that's cool. I might have to invest in one. I love my egg slicer for all sorts of things. It's the simple things in life ;)

  4. Kate Says:

    Keep the ideas coming, everyone! Holly, that little egg thing is hysterical.

  5. ~Sara Says:

    Great tips! I have to laugh at your sideways picture. This happens to my sister with Blogger all the time! It makes her crazy!

  6. Kate Says:

    Yeah, the sideways picture was driving me up the wall, to the point where I was scolding the computer. Then I decided it was time to take a step back... :)

  7. angelina Says:

    my husband purchased a pricey jar opener/can opener for me last year becasue I have Rhuematoid Arthritis and I needed more help in the kitchen- I have to say- unless the power goes out, I use it more than any other gadget- I still have a hand crank one, but this thing opens everything- and I dont have to hurt myself trying, or wait for someone to come home- I can even open a bottle of Diet Coke with it ! Im a kitchen gadget junkie- but ( as seen in my WFMW post) I have been cutting back- I will def be keeping this one- it has served me well! ps- i am a big fan of sideways pics- im on slowwww dial up and sometimes thats the only thing that gets posted!

  8. I use my pizza oven (doesn't everyone have one of these? - Christmas gift) to toast bagels, toast, pizza, pizza rolls - lots of things that can stand the high heat. Great post and great blog. (I think that mr. blogger just tries to see how much we will put up with - he can be so tempermental!!lol)

  9. Kate Says:

    Thanks everyone!

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