10 Easy Steps:

  1. Purchase two bottles of bubble solution from grocery store.  (For $1.84.  Plus tax, I guess.)
  2. Make sure one of the bottles is the child's favorite color.
  3. Surprise child with bubble solution and head outside.
  4. Remind child that blowing bubbles is not like blowing out birthday candles.
  5. Game #1: Create as many bubbles as possible.  Try to catch them all.
  6. Fall on the ground laughing.
  7. Game #2: Try to blow the biggest bubble possible.
  8. Game #3: Play bubble catch.  Child blows a bubble.  Parent catches it on her wand.  Attempts to blow it back to child.
  9. Fall on the ground laughing.
  10. Repeat from step 5 until the bubble solution runs out or gets spilled.  Usually the latter.

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18 Responses
  1. Karen Says:

    We just recently played with bubbles outside (although we buy the more expensive kind, 'cause you get bigger bubbles for your buck :), and I can't remember when we've had such fun. I kept my camera handy and we got some of the neatest pics - one is of my youngest son THROUGH a bubble. Thanks for the reminder of simple pleasures!

  2. Courtney Says:

    oh goodness that is so funny! my daughter is in love with bubbles, my main problem is getting her back inside when I am done playing with them :)

  3. Jenny Says:

    My daughter also loves to play with bubbles. My cousin was just telling about the bubbles from Gymboree being really awesome. Apparently they make huge bubbles and don't pop easily. Of course, I'm sure they are more than $1.84! LOL!

  4. Kate Says:

    I never even considered that "you get what you pay for" might apply to bubbles, but maybe it's true. Obviously, this calls for some experimenting!

    While I'm in Gymboree buying expensive bubbles (in the name of science, of course!), I might not be able to resist picking up a few cute outfits... :)

  5. EveryChapter Says:

    Fantastic photo! And yes, usually the latter. :)

  6. Sharon Says:

    very cute and yes, very effective for summer fun!!

  7. For some reason the kids always get huge bottles of bubles and so I tend not to get upset if they spill because the stuff seems to last forever!!

  8. Kate Says:

    Chickpea spilled some of hers yesterday, but really, it's just dishsoap, right? =)

  9. We're all about simple pleasures at our house! Love bubbles. Love blowing them for our dogs who enjoy trying to catch them with their mouths...hilarious.


  10. { L } Says:

    It's the little things that are the most fun!! Bubbles sound like a perfect activity for us to do! Thanks

  11. Summer Says:

    I LOVE bubbles!!!!!!!

  12. Kate Says:

    Summer, your comment was so enthusiastic I laughed out loud! I think I'll go outside and blow some more bubbles. Um, with Chickpea, of course... =)

  13. Marie Says:

    Thank you for sharing this great idea! I have a 4 yo daughter who would love it.


  14. Jenny Says:

    sounds great. i'll have to try this out. great post!

  15. Bubbles are great fun and you can find recipes to refill the bottles online for even less expense next time.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    What is it with kids and bubbles? How cool is that?

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