(That's a bunch of bananas in a bowl, on the left side of the picture.  Not sure why Chickpea drew that, since DangerBear doesn't like bananas...)

  1. He changed Chickpea's very first diaper.  (He's quite proud of that one!)
  2. When Chickpea was a newborn and I was exhausted from the night feedings, he would sit with her at night for hours, just holding her.  For that alone, I'd marry him all over again.
  3. He works incredibly hard to provide for us, and is not afraid to make sacrifices.
  4. He lets Chickpea use him as a jungle gym when he's trying to nap on the couch.
  5. Daddy makes the best paper rocket ships in the world.
  6. He's a big softy.  Case in point: Chickpea's recent lunch of a corn dog, french fries, and chocolate milk.
  7. Daddy's not afraid to get messy or play rough (but not too rough, of course).
  8. With a fully-stocked electronics lab, he designs the best science experiments.
  9. There's no way Tickle Monster Mommy can get to Chickpea when Daddy's protecting her.
  10. Two words: Unconditional Love

Happy Father's Day!

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