Note: I'm getting things set up to start hosting a weekly goals meme here every Friday.  If you'd like to participate, I plan on having the first one next week.  =)

The month is very nearly over, and here's how I'm doing on my March goals:


I finished my heart swatch!

I really enjoyed working on it, and it didn't take me very long.  I'm still figuring out the purl stitch in terms of where my fingers should go.  So now I can make anything, providing it's rectangular, doesn't have cables, and is only one color...

  • Papers/Organization- I've definitely accomplished this one!  It was a big, amorphous goal, but I feel like I've made a lot of progress.  The big things were setting up folders for current papers (like bills to pay) and my Post-It wall.  I'll write more later about the things I've been doing to get more organized.
  • Garden Planning- Almost finished.  I read through a few gardening books and took notes.  I also made lists of things we need to get.  All I need to do is write out a quick timeline of when things need to be planted.

Daily Goals:
  • Vitamin/Water- I've taken my multivitamin every day this month.  I've had my three glasses of water every day except yesterday.  As I mentioned on Twitter, soda is evil because it crowds out water.  Unfortunately, I really like soda.  =)
  • Straighten Up/Kitchen- Every day I've straightened up the house.  I love this because now I can get it picked up in ten minutes, instead of the 90 minutes it used to take!  As for cleaning the kitchen before bed, I only missed once.  I'll count it as half, though, because the only thing I didn't do was unload the dishwasher.
  • Bible- I had decent success with listening to the audio Bible in the car, but I started reading my little pocket KJV every day instead.  I'm really enjoying it!

I'm so very, very happy with the way things are going this month.  God willing, these goals will become habits and I can keep moving forward!

If you've managed to read to the end of this post, I'm impressed!  Be sure to come back next Friday for the first edition of a weekly goals meme.  We can all share our goals and progress, and encourage each other!

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  1. MommyAmy Says:

    Cute swatch! I too have the same knitting skills (must be flat, one color, no cable stitching). lol Right now I'm making a baby blanket for a friend I have who's due soon. I'm hoping to get it done before the baby arrives, and I think I will because I'm almost finished. :)

  2. momof3girls Says:

    i enjoy your blog. I like the idea of accountability! (might not like it so much when I am being held accountable but like the concept of it now)

  3. Kate Says:

    Thank you both! Amy, I'm impressed! I'm kind of scared to start a big project, like a blanket. =)

    Momof3Girls, I'm starting a goals-themed meme on Friday April 3. There's a link to it in my header ("Philippians 3:14 Fridays").

  4. Dusty Says:

    I just came across your blog through the blog party(I know, I'm late.lol) and I LOVE what you have going on here! It's always so wonderful to come across another woman who is on the same journey that I am! God bless! I will be subscribing!

  5. Kate Says:

    Wonderful, Dusty! I hope you'll participate in the Philippians 3:14 Fridays meme! (There's a link to more info in my header.)

    Btw, I haven't gone through even half of the blogs in the blog party. I need to make some time for it, because there are so many good ones!

  6. Sarah Behan Says:

    I read in Barbara Hughes "Disciplines of a Godly Woman" that if you do something everyday for 25 days, it becomes a habit! So good luck! :)

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