The weather yesterday was absolutely gorgeous: Seventy degrees, sunny, and breezy!  Ah, Spring!  Chickpea and I took the opportunity to play outside without wearing coats.

After a while, I went back inside to work in the kitchen, and I let her play outside the front door.  After a while, she came in and asked for a drink of water.  I gave her one, and she took the cup outside with her.  A few minutes later, she came in and asked for more.  And a few minutes later, she asked for even more.  At this point, I'm thinking she's either going to wet her pants or she's up to something.  I peek out the front door and see:

You can't tell from the photo, but the bucket is filled with water.

It is, apparently, a well.  Except the water comes from my water pitcher instead of from the ground.  A reverse well, I guess.  I especially love the rocks arranged at the bottom.

No doubt about it, the child has a thing for sticks and rocks.  Add some string and a little scotch tape, and who knows what she'll come up with?

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