Future Christian Homemakers- Their handbook, subtitled, "Teaching Girls to Become Successful Homemakers," can be downloaded for free.  Maybe it can teach me to become a successful homemaker!

Real Simple Magazine- Did you know you could get a 1-year subscription to Real Simple for only $5?  I don't know if this is Amazon's regular price or some sort of promotion, but it's a fantastic deal!

When is a Cookie Not a Cookie- This thought-provoking article from It's Not About Nutrition gives a different take on "healthy" sweets.

The Healthy and Fit Algorithm- Leo at Zen Habits gets right to the point with some basic tips on eating right and exercising.

Three Paths to Fitness- Can you do 100 pushups?  How about 200 sit-ups and squats?  No?  Me neither.  But Get Fit Slowly has links to three programs that can help you get there.  I'm working on the pushups, though I freely admit having to do girly pushups on my knees.

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