Some time ago, while putzing around on the Internet, I came across a beautiful and inspiring picture.  At first I thought it was just pretty, but something kept bringing me back to it.  Every time I looked at it, I liked it even more.  It is called "The Standard."

"The Standard"
(If anyone can find this picture's source online, please let me know so I can link to the site.)

I absolutely love this picture, and when I create my home management binder, I will put it on the front cover.  For me, it neatly captures the kind of woman I want to be.  Unfortunately, I don't have any background information on the picture, but I imagine the woman to be the queen of a small kingdom.  Her husband is kept very busy with running the kingdom and protecting its borders, and she considers it her responsibility to help him in any way that she can.  But she doesn't pick up a sword to fight or try to take over the king's job of making laws and running government.  She helps her husband in distinctly feminine ways that, nonetheless, have great impact.

What is she doing?  She is sewing the "standard," the flag that represents her husband's kingdom.  The standard is meant to represent the king, his people, his castle, and his authority.  It is meant to welcome visitors and strike fear in the hearts of enemies.  And she is responsible for creating it!

She is a "behind the scenes" woman.  When the king and his men are marching off to battle, no one will wonder who made the flag under which they ride.  But they will be glad it's there!  In my mind, this woman is not thinking of how best to show off her talents to gain attention, but how best to use her talents to aid others, even though she likely won't get any credit.

I am also impressed with her work from a simply practical standpoint.  How much effort must have gone into that flag?  Designing it, weaving and dying the cloth, cutting out the pieces, and creating thousands and thousands of tiny stitches to bring it all together.  But she doesn't look as though she is dragged down by this work.  Her back is straight, her face peaceful.  She looks graceful and beautiful as she goes about her work with diligence.

That's the kind of woman I want to be.


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