Imagine, if you will, that you are in the ladies' restroom at a large bookstore.  Imagine further that there is another lady in the restroom as well, and that she happens to finish before you do.  Now, picture this lady passing her hands quickly under running water (three seconds, max) and then leaving the bathroom.

Three seconds.

No time for the water to get hot.  No time to dispense and lather up soap.  No time to scrub and rinse.  No time to kill any germs whatsoever.

And then she continues her shopping, picking up up books and putting them back on the shelves.

I witnessed this the other day.  Worse, there were actually two ladies in the restroom while I was there accompanying Chickpea.  They finished about a minute apart from each other, and both of them did the exact same thing.  I wanted to gag.

If I hadn't been inside a stall, I would have given each of them a Look.  Mind you, I don't dispense Looks lightly.  After all, we all make mistakes, myself included, and if everyone gave out looks to everyone who deserved it, we'd all get our faces stuck in ugly expressions.  (Just like my mom told me would happen!)

But both those women used the restroom and then didn't wash their hands.  It is nasty and gross and can spread disease.  I, personally, think that deserves a Look.

What do you think?  Have any of you seen someone do this?  What, if anything, did you do or say?  My husband, whose hand-washing is so thorough it would make a surgeon weep, says this behavior is all too common.  I shudder to think of it.


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3 Responses
  1. I see people walk straight past the sinks in the bathroom all the time. And I really do mean all the time! Even at restaurants! It is very gross. We aren't in the 18th centenary anymore, people should know better.

    Crystal Richey

  2. Oops I spelled century wrong.

    Crystal Richey

  3. Angela Says:

    Oh my goodness, I see this all the time. I work in a large building with about 50 other women, so I have noticed just about every variation on handwashing (or lack thereof) in our restroom. Sigh. It's so bad in our building that I use a paper towel to open the door on my way out, if that tells you anything. Like you, I'm big on soap. And water, and actually taking time to combine them and wash your hands. I don't get people who don't do this! And I really hate sharing computers and other surfaces around the work space, knowing it goes on. Eeewwww!

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