I'm getting a new dishwasher soon!  We moved into this house about a month ago, and the dishwasher was...  nearing its end.  It was loud and didn't sound quite right, and did a terrible job cleaning the dishes.  The other night in bed, DangerBear and I suddenly heard a horrible, loud grinding noise coming from downstairs.  We ran down; DangerBear was expecting to see something in flames, and I was expecting to see water on the floor, but we got off easy.  So the other day we picked out a nice, quiet model.  I'm very excited.  And I'm glad it decided to break now, and not in two weeks while my in-laws are visiting.

Which reminds me.  I have a ton to do to get ready!  The house isn't entirely unpacked, and what has been unpacked is generally in a mess.  Then there's the cleaning.  And the baking for the state fair.

High priorities for today:
* Clean kitchen, since it never got totally cleaned up from dinner last night. DONE
* Bake bread and freeze for the state fair. DONE (Though I only made one loaf.)
* Decide what's for dinner, since I forgot to defrost meat last night.  DONE (Breakfast for dinner!)
* Clean out refrigerator bins, because something leaked. DONE
* Clear up a credit card issue, because my bank is silly. DONE
* Take Chickpea to the park, because it's a nice day. DONE
* Clean up my house, because it looks like our closets sneezed
* Finish unpacking the office. ALMOST DONE (Yay!)

"The secret of joy in work is contained in one word- excellence.  To know how to do something well is to enjoy it." -Pearl S. Buck


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