I'm sorry I was MIA the last couple of days.  My parents were in from out of state, and as I hadn't seen them in a year, I didn't spend any time on the computer.  They had a blast spoiling Chickpea, and DangerBear and my dad got to talk politics for a while.

So now there's a few days of semi-normalcy before DangerBear's parents and sisters come for a week!

I have a huge long list of things to do before Saturday, including...  the second post in the procrastination series!  (I swear I'm not procrastinating on it.  I'm just not procrastinating on the other things I have to do.  Or something like that.)

How about another nifty YouTube video?  DangerBear is always showing me great videos he found online, but I can never find the nifty ones.  It was like the first time I went on eBay and thought it was dumb because all I could find for auction was cheap jewelry.


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