Oh, my word, this has been the craziest month since...  I don't know when.  A quick list of what's been going on:

  • my family came to visit for a long weekend
  • DangerBear's parents and sisters came for a week
  • I did lots of baking for the state fair
  • getting Chickpea ready for kindergarten
  • getting ready to homeschool part-time
  • helping at DangerBear's business
  • still organizing after moving (sheesh)
  • trying to get my act together in terms of routines, housework, cooking, etc.
  • my birthday (Okay, not exactly a crazy sort of thing, but it was an event.)
  • have company coming on Saturday
  • our anniversary is on Sunday!  Yay!
  • started a blog (Why?!)
Maybe for some of you that all sounds like a walk in the park because you're dealing with lots more, and if so, I salute you.  ::salutes::

We did have a great time with our families, though, and I'm really glad we had them all over.  Also, I won a few awards at the state fair: Three first place ribbons for my hamburger rolls, Italian bread, and rye bread.  I also got third place overall for my Italian bread and second place overall for my rye bread!  One of my prizes was a nice set of cookbooks, so I'm very excited.  I think even DangerBear was impressed.  Not only is my bread now edible, but it's actually pretty good.  Or at least, some of it is.  The rest of it still needs work.  =)

So that's my update.  Coming down the pipeline is another post in the procrastination series, a post on my reading file binder (which I just put together), and a teary-eyed post about Chickpea's first day of kindergarten.  ::sniffle::  I can't believe she's so big already...  I remember when size twelve month clothing looked huge.  And she didn't have an attitude.  (I don't know where she got that from...)


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2 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    That's alot! You're busy.

    Oh, and hi. I read your blog and enjoy it very muc .... and I never comment, because I'm busy with less. LOL But I did want to leave a comment just to say hello and you do have a pretty consistant reader. :)


  2. Kate Says:


    Thanks very much for your comment! I'm so glad you enjoy my blog. Hopefully soon I'll be able to post a little more consistently. I keep having ideas for posts, but I've been just jotting them down and setting them aside.

    By the way, the header photo on your blog is so cute!


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