I'm interested in adding a little to my family's income, so I've been researching ways to make money from home.  The thing that immediately popped into my mind was selling for a company like Tupperware.  Unfortunately, I'm not really the social type and we live in a small town with limited prospects.  I'm also not that into the up-front investment.

So far I've found two websites through which I can make at least a little bit of money.  Amazon Mechanical Turk (weird name, I know) offers "HITs" or short jobs for pay.  I try to snatch up short articles to write.  Those will make me $2-4, and it only takes me 10-15 minutes.  Not too bad.

I've also joined Associated Content, where I can get paid for writing articles.  The idea is to get paid for page views of your articles, but so far I've only done assignments that also have an up-front payment (usually of only $1).

Then I also do some online surveys and stuff.  I've done that for a long time, and it's not much, but it's something. 

Over the last two days I've made about $20.  If I could make $10 a day, five days per week, that would take a huge chunk out of our grocery budget!

What I'd really like to do is sell candy or baked goods.  I'm not an expert by any means, but I think I'm a decent baker.  I also enjoy making things like chocolate covered Oreos.  Nothing too fancy.

Turns out it's a little complicated.  I don't exactly have a commercial kitchen in which to prepare these items, and that makes getting a food license a little difficult.  I'm still exploring my options.

Too bad it's the middle of winter; otherwise I could have gotten a table at a local farmer's market.

So I'm still looking around, asking questions, and generally making myself a nuisance to the state health department!

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  1. One option for qualifying without a commercial kitchen is to borrow or rent one from a church or company which is already approved. If you are really serious about it, ask around your local area.

  2. Kate Says:

    Thanks for that tip! Unfortunately, the local churches don't have certified kitchens. =( I think it's all for the best, though, as it wouldn't have worked if I had to leave home to cook. I need to be here to help DangerBear with his business and homeschool Chickpea. That idea is going in my notes for the future. =)

  3. So, I'm interested in this Amazon turk thing, how'd you come acrossed it? What do you write about? Feel free to email me if you like. Or have time. lol ;)

  4. Kate Says:

    Sarah: Expect an email from me sometime this weekend. =)

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